‘Cause it’s cute

From Crafting A Greener World

I’m not normally one for chi-wa wa’s, but I couldn’t resist this.

Howdee, folks!  Hope your fall is going well.  I’ve been mired down in the endless hamster wheel of life busy with the kids, job, hubby, and etc.!  The kids are back in school – Cole’s been in the principal’s office twice (I’ve learned what  “2 for flinching” is – and no, Cole wasn’t doing it to other kids, it was being done to him – and then he tackled the kid.  He also had a physical altercation with a girl on the playground-not started by him, but he participated, which is a no-no)  Lainie has been put in the accelerated reading group in her class, Craig and I went to the Matador at 21 music festival in Las Vegas for 3 days, working, etc. etc. etc.!  You know the drill.

I took a crochet class and am now working on an old lady ripple blanket!  Yee haw!  I’m using up 17 balls of my oldest stash – a dk weight wool/acrylic/nylon blend from Sirdar.  I also have a pair of sheep mittens on the needles, a new cardigan for Lainie, plus the older projects:  silk scarf, vine leaf cardigan, and the big sack sweater.  We got a new camera about 2 months ago and I must admit, it’s keeping me from getting pictures.  It’s all fancy, and I haven’t read the instruction manual.  I’ll post pictures once I move past my fear of the new gadget.

Folks, Christmas is coming up!  I have plans to knit 2 Christmas gifts for sure, and maybe some other things.  My organization hasn’t been good as of late, so it remains to be seen if my plans will come to fruition.  How about you?  Do you have knitting plans?

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